Queens University Advertising Campaign

Tracy Grooms Queens University of Charlotte bank of america uptown

The wonderful marketing team at Queens University of Charlotte reached out to see if I could help them with a new series of promotional photography to use toward their new advertising campaign. After much email correspondence and a few emails, we were able to put together a shot list of the people they wanted to highlight. I’ve always been Continue reading

Queens University Marketing Photography


I’m so excited to share some photos that are now featured on Queens University’s new interactive tour website. Back in July, Queens Creative Director Drea Leonetti reached out to me to see if I could help them with marketing photography for a new electronic view book they planned to launch. They really wanted to create photos that illustrated the community feel of attending Queens and how connected the students are on campus. Continue reading

Corporate Headshots

A friend put me in touch with Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, which was looking to have a business headshot done for Dr. Webb, a new member they were bringing onto their team. When scouting around their office, I noticed the perfect background that would compliment the outfit Dr. Webb was wearing, and it had just the right amount of texture to fit in with the theme of their past company headshots. I took a quick test shot using just the ambient lighting so they could see what it would look like.

“That looks great!” Dr. Webb said. “Well, that was easy!”

“That’s just the test shot” I quickly explained.

After telling them that with some lighting, it was going to look even better, I started setting up. A couple of flashes and reflectors later, we got the shot, and I showed her and the team the difference. Although the first photo isn’t bad, adding a couple of lights really adds some depth and contrast to the image. It’s wonderful to see how people react when they finally see and understand what goes into making a nice portrait. Looking forward to working with them in the future to update their business profiles.


Author Joel McPhee

A good friend put me in touch with Joel, who was looking to get some portraits done for a book he recently wrote and published. Who doesn’t love an author? Working with Joel was wonderful. His ear-to-ear smile and cheerful personality made the session delightful. It was a privilege working with him and providing some photos for his marketing campaign. Here are a few of my favorites from that morning. Make sure to check out his website and book, too!



Group Portrait Session

Had a blast hanging out with some of my favorite guys from Audio To Go Entertainment to create their updated staff photo. It had poured all afternoon and was looking dismal for the outdoor shots we had in mind, but the rain let up just enough for us to squeeze in this portrait in a kickass alley of downtown Charlotte. The saturated ground made it look even better. Thanks to ATG for staffing such a fun crew and throwing gigs my way!

Audio To Go Group Photo


Had a fantastic time photographing the beautiful expecting couple, Kristen and Jarrett. This will be her first baby, so she’s just a roller coaster of anticipation and anxiety. Luckily, she’s got a great support system that will help her learn the ropes. She looks beautiful, and I’m so happy I could provide the two of them with photos of this amazing time in their lives.

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