Queens University Marketing Photography


I’m so excited to share some photos that are now featured on Queens University’s new interactive tour website. Back in July, Queens Creative Director Drea Leonetti reached out to me to see if I could help them with marketing photography for a new electronic view book they planned to launch. They really wanted to create photos that illustrated the community feel of attending Queens and how connected the students are on campus. My biggest concern for the 3-day shoot was working with the 20+ student models they had lined up for me. Working with that many people and trying to get them all to understand and execute my vision can be challenging. More importantly though, I wanted them to feel comfortable and have fun. With a little coaching and encouragement, these student volunteers worked the shoot like pros. After three days of hard work from all involved, we were able to pull off some great shots. I’m happy to see them finally featured on Queens’ new site, which launched last week. Working with the Queens team is always a treat; they truly love what they do and always know how to have fun. Looking forward to shooting some fall season campus photos with them in late October. Check out their site, and enjoy a few of my favorites from the shoots below:

Queens Digital Viewbook

A few more of my favorites from the shoot:

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