Early birds get the pool

After returning home at 6:30 a.m. from dropping Brandon off at the airport, I came across a cute pair of ducks that were enjoying some peace and quiet…poolside. Only two minutes after I took a few frames, our poolman had to chase them off so he could clean.

Goldfish are happy fish

If there is one thing that makes me happy, it’s happy fish. I got two new goldfish about a week ago, and they’re just now starting to relax in their new tank. Splash and Bubbles. I love watching Splash – he’s always swimming through the bubbles and jumping out of the water.

April – Dec 2006

I had a friend who wanted me to take a few pictures of her before I officially left Gainesville. I’m starting to really like portrait photography, and I really want to try to pursue it more on the side from photojournalism.

Aloha – June 2006

Trip to Hawaii!!! My cousin, her boyfriend and I went to O’ahu this summer to visit our cousin Brian who lives right on the beach. It was the first time I had been back to Hawaii since I was 3, so it was pretty much a new experience to me. Absolutely amazing over there. Thailand may be my favorite place, but Hawaii is definitely a close second.