Southern Cal’s Melting Pot

One of the most interesting places I’ve been to is Venice Beach, Calif. It’s a dream for anyone who loves to people watch.

I went there for the first time with friends Thaoly Vu (now Thaoly Roberts! Yay!) and Heather back in July. I was overwhelmed with the beautiful chaos of this place – there were amazing things happening all around me, and so many interesting characters, that I had a really hard time figuring out where I wanted to point the camera. Every race, age, color, status, and personality has melted together here to create a wonderfully unique, harmonious culture.

When I went back to L.A. this past weekend to cover Thaoly’s wedding, I made it my mission to drive back to Venice Beach again.

Below is a collection of photos from both visits. Hope you can see the beauty is this place like I do.

Uptown 05.12.12

After moving to Charlotte, Brandon and I decided to explore uptown and get acquainted with the city. There were so many great backgrounds for photography, so it was oodles of fun. And having such a carefree boyfriend was definitely icing on the cake.

Flash to the Rescue 10.24.05

Next assignment was working a situation with a flash. I figured I’d try it out on my next Alligator assignment – a profile on a UF fencer. The gymnasium where I had to shoot it was just awful. I had come there with all these cool ideas in my head as a shot list, and none of them were going to work in this scene. So, I just posed her against the plain blue canvas and bounced a flash to the side off a white wall. Worked like a charm and had a nice soft touch to it.

I See the Light! 09.04.05

Since I’m bored, I figure I’ll start with stuff I did when I was in class and just learning how to use lights and strobes. I had the most fun in this class than any other. You were allowed to think creatively, and I was learning something new everytime I turned started a new assignment. First one was to experiment with a single constant light source.

eh…not bad.