Athletic Equipment Product Shoot

Back in June, I was hired by UCS Spirit for a fun product shoot involving some incredible National and Olympic athletes. UCS wanted to update their catalog with some of their new and improved products and wanted to keep to the high-key set-up that they had used in the past. I worked with their art director to come up with a lighting scheme that would really show off the sculptured physique of these athletes without being too harsh. We were looking for a happy medium between Continue reading

Queens University Advertising Campaign

Tracy Grooms Queens University of Charlotte bank of america uptown

The wonderful marketing team at Queens University of Charlotte reached out to see if I could help them with a new series of promotional photography to use toward their new advertising campaign. After much email correspondence and a few emails, we were able to put together a shot list of the people they wanted to highlight. I’ve always been Continue reading

Queens University Marketing Photography


I’m so excited to share some photos that are now featured on Queens University’s new interactive tour website. Back in July, Queens Creative Director Drea Leonetti reached out to me to see if I could help them with marketing photography for a new electronic view book they planned to launch. They really wanted to create photos that illustrated the community feel of attending Queens and how connected the students are on campus. Continue reading