Company Holiday Party


The Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry staff seriously knows how to have a good time. Had the pleasure of covering this fun crew’s Holiday Party at Dressler’s Restaurant. Laughter filled the room as they played various games for prizes. My favorite was the Siamese twin gift-wrapping race where each team of two had to wrap a present using only one hand. The expressions were priceless.

CLTholidayParty_004141211CPDOHolidayParty_286_Blog141211CPDOHolidayParty_221_Blog141211CPDOHolidayParty_135_Blog Dec. 11, 2014 -- Charlotte, N.C. -- Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Holiday Party at Dresser's Restaurant. (Photo by Tricia Coyne)141211CPDOHolidayParty_143_Blog141211CPDOHolidayParty_246_BlogCLTholidayParty_002 141211CPDOHolidayParty_282_Blog CLTholidayParty_001141211CPDOHolidayParty_378_Blog 141211CPDOHolidayParty_380_Blog 141211CPDOHolidayParty_395_Blog141211CPDOHolidayParty_407_Blog 141211CPDOHolidayParty_437_Blog CLTholidayParty_003141211CPDOHolidayParty_435_BlogCLTholidayParty_005141211CPDOHolidayParty_444_Blog141211CPDOHolidayParty_443-Edit_Blog

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