Video Marketing for PassportParking

Fellow videographer Ben Premeaux reached out to me to help him edit a video for this fantastic start-up company called PassportParking. Passport is a software development company based in Charlotte specializing in Mobile Pay solutions to make the transit and parking process more convenient. Since it’s start in 2010, the company has grown substantially, branching out to multiple cities across North America. Passport decided to utilize video to help showcase their company to future recruits. Video can be such a great tool for marketing a company if done correctly. They were interested in a 2-3 minute video for their website, wanted upbeat music that flowed well with their story, and an edit that inspired people to come work for them.

Ben did a great job conducting interviews and shooting a wide array of footage to help build their story. After organizing all the footage, I figured out the main points I wanted to convey in the video: 1) explain Passport as a company, 2) show off the unique culture of their work environment, 3) discuss what Charlotte has to offer to out-of-town recruits, and 4) discuss what kind of people their looking for. It was a lot to convey in 2-3 minutes, but that’s where good, tight editing comes in.

Passport & Charlotte from Passport on Vimeo.

Ben and PassportParking ended up loving the edit. I think it really does a great job of showing the uniqueness of their company and describe what they have to offer. I was considering applying to Passport myself after finishing the project. What a fun place to work!