Queens University Marketing Photography


I’m so excited to share some photos that are now featured on Queens University’s new interactive tour website. Back in July, Queens Creative Director Drea Leonetti reached out to me to see if I could help them with marketing photography for a new electronic view book they planned to launch. They really wanted to create photos that illustrated the community feel of attending Queens and how connected the students are on campus. Continue reading

Queens’ 2014 Scholars Luncheon

Queens University celebrated its annual Scholars Luncheon in the Frances Young Dining Room on April 2, 2014. The Luncheon recognizes the University’s generous donors and provides scholarship recipients an opportunity to offer their thanks in person. As usual, Director of Donor Relations Lizz Clegg and Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Meghan Goddard did a wonderful job putting together and carrying out the event. It was truly a beautiful and memorable afternoon.

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Queens University Royal Society Dinner

Hundreds of Queens supporters got together to celebrate the the 24th annual Royal Society dinner. The evening started off with a lovely celebration of the newly established Levine Center for Wellness and Recreation. President Pamela Davies thanked donors for their extraordinary generosity, and gave tribute to philanthropists Leon and Sandra Levine and Ravenel and Beth Rivers Curry for their great contributions to the project. The night continued into the Frances Young Dining Hall, where guests celebrated Queens’ progress, reflected on the school’s year-end achievements, and looked ahead to future goals. Guests rolled in laughter during an upbeat video tribute to the Levines, and tears couldn’t stop flowing after an incredibly moving speech from Queens University student athlete Alexys Taylor. It was a wonderful evening, and I take pleasure in sharing a few memorable moments from the event. Enjoy!

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Queens University Levine Center

I had the honor of being asked to shoot the grand opening ceremony of the Queens University Levine Center, a brand new wellness and recreation facility. Things didn’t quite go as planned, however. The original idea to have the ribbon cutting outside was thrown out the window when a huge storm decided to roll in at the last minute. Rain didn’t damper anyone’s spirits, though. This building was astonishing and HUGE! The 145,000-square-foot building had no problem housing the hundreds that would show up indoors to celebrate it’s grand opening. Floor to ceiling lobby windows made for such a great first impression, and provided wonderful lighting for the event. Charlotte philanthropists Leon and Sandra Levine performed the official ribbon cutting as hundreds of onlookers and supporters cheered on. The three-story facility has an indoor basketball/volleyball court, a 5,000-square-foot fitness center, 33-meter stretch swimming pool, and indoor track! I can only imagine how happy these students are going to be enjoying this building. Enjoy this little recap of the event!

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BusinessWoman of the Year

Had the privilege of covering the 2012 Charlotte BusinessWoman of the Year luncheon last Friday. I was filling in for Kristen Hines Baker, who just gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Wesley! Working with Whitney Combs and Katelyn Lauro at Queens University was wonderful, and they certainly put on a beautiful event. Looking forward to working with Kristen and the University in the future. Here are a few selects from the event:

2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year2012 BusinessWoman of the Year

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