2014 TIAA-CREF Conference


My good friend, Drew Parham of Audio To Go Entertainment, put me in contact with TIAA-CREF for an upcoming business conference they were hosting at the Embassy Suites in Concord. They were looking for event photography to document their four-day long conference, and had some incredibly fun, photogenic events lined up. I brought in fellow photojournalist Josh Stilwell to be my second set of eyes, and he did an amazing job helping me capture some great, candid moments. This was unlike any other business conference I’ve covered – the company really knew how to mix business and pleasure by balancing each day with a cool team-building exercise or event. Justin Young from The Go Game was incredible and really kicked the conference off with style. He split the audience into eight teams, gave each team an iPhone, bag of props and a short movie script, then told them to go make a short movie. Two hours later, Justin edited each team’s footage and showed them during a mock Academy Awards ceremony. The laughs that ensued were absolutely priceless and made for some memorable photos. The fun didn’t stop there. From surprise birthday celebrations to blindfolded tricycle races, this company really knew how to keep their colleagues laughing. The photos were a hit, and the conference was a joy to cover. Here’s a small selection from the three days Josh and I covered the event.

Day 1:

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Day 2:

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Day 3:

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